Monday, December 21, 2009

.Happy Birthday Mom!!

Well, it seems like a long time since I blogged last. Nothing major has happened. Just a kid sick here and there but mostly healthy. Nathan is doing MUCH better school and mood wise. I'm glad I asked his doctor about it. Nichole is making plans for next year as far as her classes for her Junior year in High School and thinking about taking a Art Fundamental class at the community college this summer. Sam is being a regular 9 year old and I love his sense of humor.

But the real reason I blogged today was to wish my Mom a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I sent her a birthday cake floral arrangement and she loved it. I'm always at a loss as to what to get her for her birthday as it's SO close to Christmas. But this year my son, Nathan helped me pick out the right floral arrangement for her. He's such a good boy and a great helper.

We are supposed to get some yucky mess Christmas Eve/Christmas Day. I sure hope it's just rain and not freezing rain or even snow! I better run and get some things done around here. I got a bunch of things done today but there's always more to do! sigh...

If I don't post until after Christmas, I wish you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Stitchy Stuff

Well here it is the end of November and I FINALLY have some stitchy pictures to show. This first one is The Prairie Schooler "Must Be Santa" Limited Edition piece. This is about 1 and 1/2 months of work on it. I'm a really slow stitcher. And I don't work on this piece everyday otherwise the colors would drive me batty.

The above picture is BBD Pinkeep and Keepsake box. I'm doing the Keepsake Box portion of the leaflet. This will be framed and put in our bedroom as it's in desperate need of decorating. This is about 2 months worth of stitching. Again, I'm a slow stitcher and I don't stitch everyday or on this project everyday for that matter.

This is a piece I stitched a couple of years ago and FINALLY got it put together into an ornament. Now, if you're asking if I put it together this ornament, sadly the answer is NO. I had someone finish this for me. I totally suck at the sewing maching and couldn't do this if my life depended on it.

Hope you all had a nice Thanksgiving, we did. Low key and just the 5 of us, which is fine by me. Now on to Christmas but not before St. Nick in our house. The kids cannot wait until St. Nick's night when I fill the stockings with a little something and some candy. The candy is usually breakfast for them, but, hopefully it will not be breakfast this year (yeah right.LOL) Hopefully I'll have a finish soon for me to share but I'm not holding my breath.

Happy Holidays

Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Halloween!!!!

Well it's Halloween and my kids want to dive into the various bags of candy we have here for this afternoon. Not going to happen!! They have to wait until 1:00p.m. to get candy whether they like it or not, HA to them!!

What's new in my world you're wondering?? (or not LOL)

Last Tuesday, Nathan and I went to the dentist for a consult about his teeth. Some of his permanent teeth were coming in OVER the baby teeth and things just didn't look right in his mouth and he was starting to be in pain over it. Took him to the dentist for a "quick" exam and the dentist comes out and tells me that he needs 6 baby teeth pulled and we are just going to go ahead and do that, is that fine with you?? I told him that it would be fine with me if it was alright with Nathan. Well 30 minutes later Nathan comes out with gauze in his mouth, looking horrible and just plain wants to go home. With insurance I had to pay out $600 for this visit, like I have $600 dollars available at all times. So on to the credit card it went, not happy about it but happy that this part is over. Next is a cleaning and then talking braces, lovely.

Then Wednesday, I was so concerned about Nathan and his mouth, I completely forgot about parent/teacher conferences so I will have to call and ask about his behavior and grades and what not. Then the kids were off Thursday and Friday as well. Nothing big was going on, kinda a low key couple of days. THEN husband comes home last night from grocery shopping and tells me his car needs an alternator NOW rather than later. OKAY I said with a sigh, when it rains it pours but at least we have some money to do this rather than be down to one car and hope I don't need my car during the day.

I'm still stitching away at PS "Must Be Santa" 2009 Limited Edition kit. I'll take some pictures of that and some ornaments that a wonderful lady finished off for me (because I cannot finish finish projects and will pay someone to do so.) and hopefully Halloween pictures.

So for now, enjoy your Halloween and get lots of candy!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's Wednesday Again

Let's see, It's Wednesday afternoon and my kids are home after having a 1/2 day of school today. They started WKCE (standardized testing in Wisconsin) testing yesterday and will continue with that for the next couple of weeks. All the kids hate it as it's time consuming and boring and I don't blame them but it's required for 3-12 grades I believe.

I got on the stupid bathroom scale this morning as I realized that my jeans are a tad snug and come to realize that I gained 10 fricken pounds in the last 3 months or so (maybe a little longer). I know my food choices haven't been right and I stopped walking because of the weather. But that shouldn't stop me as we have a YMCA membership with a new walking/running track. The only thing that is stopping me from going, is that at some point during the week there is a child home sick lately and I cannot take him/her to the Y just so I could walk. I suppose I could make arrangements with my DH so he goes the nights he needs to go and I could go the other nights. See..there is really no excuse. I think I need a diet buddy to help me with this 10 pound loss journey. I think on one of my email lists there is someone who is willing to be a "buddy" with me and we can encourage one another in this.

What else is new?? I started a new project from PS 2009 Limited Edition Santa kit (cannot remember the exact name but will post a picture in the coming days to show how far I've gotten) I also need to post a picture of the start before this one to show that I'm coming along with it. It's a BBD Loose Feather project. The weather is pretty today and I know, since this IS Wisconsin, the weather will change tomorrow (BOO HISS!!!)

Gotta run, a little kid wants me to play Wii Fit Plus with him.

Until next time.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Someone is 16 today!!!


Well, today is a bittersweet day. Not only is today my daughter, Nichole's 16th birthday but I'm also wondering where the time went. Can it REALLY be 16 years since she was coming into my little family of my husband and myself?? How is my life going to change with her in it?? Can I be a good enough Mommy for her?? I can honestly say that I've become a better person with her in my life and am grateful for her. She brings joy to my life every day (some days are better than others). I'm so grateful that she's healthy (this whole thing could have turned out SO differently, don't want to dwell on that.) and intelligent and funny (just like her father). I'll post a picture of her with her Edible Arrangement of Strawberries. She wanted that instead of a cake which if fine with me.

I'll also post a picture of myself, Nichole and Sam. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A sickness update.....

Well I posted about 5 days ago about the ongoing sickness that was in the house. I'm happy to report that Nathan went back to school today after missing 7 school days and he is required to bring a medical excuse back to school for having the flu. Nichole and Sam went back last Friday after a day of being lazy and sleeping. Chris (dh) had some stomach issues that went away after about 8 hours or so. (HATE HIM). Don't get me wrong, I don't want him sick or seeing him sick but the man has the immune system of iron and I don't. NOT FAIR!!! And I got some cold from hell to make things interesting. I haven't been this sick in quite a long time and I desperately want to feel better. Dont' get me wrong, I feel better than I did this weekend but it's not fast enough for me.

And to top things off, my dryer broke. My 8 year old dryer broke and some repair dude is coming on Wednesday to tell me if it's repairable or not. Oh goodie, more money out the door. If it's not one thing, it's another.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not a good week so far...

Hi there,

Well there is this stupid sickness running it's course through my house. First, Nathan complained of a sore throat and generally not feeling well (Kept him home from school on Monday he went to school on Tuesday and has been home yesterday and today as well), Nichole is coming down with something as well and struggled with the idea of staying home from school today (she did after realizing that she would probably come home at some point during the morning school hours), so now she took some Advil and went back to bed. THEN it's Sam's turn. He's sneezing and coughing up a storm and I looked down his throat with this thingie I bought to look in their ears but it works well in this situation. And his throat is red and he's complaining of a sore throat. If this is what swine flu or any other type of flu looks like, I WANT IT OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!! Wait, I bet my turn is coming soon. Goodie, can't wait LOL.

Haven't stitched in a couple days due to taking care of said sick kids. Hopefully people will start feeling better this weekend and I will make more progress on my project.

Sorry if this post bored you to death, but needed to post feelings someplace and why not my blog?


Friday, September 11, 2009


This is my progress picture of LHN's Peach Tree Cottage. It's about 2 months worth of stitching, I know, not much but it's something if you ask me. I have so many WIP"S to finish, I should really take a break from this and try to finish one of many WIP's. Nah, I wanna start something new, SOOOOOO I decided to start this:

It's Blackbird Designs Keepsake Box and Pinkeep, Loose Feathers pattern #33. I'm doing the Keepsake box and will frame the stitching instead of making into a box. This is for our bedroom walls. Still not much on the walls even though we've been in the house 6 years. Geeze, I better get going on that. And I got the Just Cross Stitch Ornament Issue to page through, so I'M SURE there will be something in it for me to work on.

Anything else going on here?? Well, the kids finished 8 days of school (2 4-day weeks) and they are tired in the morning and when they get home. My little one, Sam, is mad that people aren't always available to play after-school. Chris is still working and working 5 days a week instead of the 4 that was in place at the beginning of the summer before he went on furlough. Quiet days for me to catch up on stitching, blogs, emails and of course, the never ending battle with laundry and housework.

I hope you enjoy the pictures of my stitching and I apologize for the one picture that is sideways, I couldn't figure out how to fix that. Something my daughter will have to teach me. Love her. :)

Gotta run and get after school snacks ready for always hungry 12 year old. Have a good weekend and thanks for coming to my blog!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First day of September

Cannot believe that it's September already. We celebrated my Mother in Law's birthday on the 27th of August, mine on the 29th (not sure how I feel about turning 38 but it came and went without much fanfare which is fine with me) And on Monday my wonderful, dear husband got to go back to work after such a long furlough.

And today is the first day of school for my munchkins (well they are 15, 12 and 9 so I guess they are not munchkins right??LOL) All in all their day went well, no phone calls from any of the schools (which is always a good thing if you ask me) and they came home hungry and a little tired with some homework thrown in for good measure. I'm sure by the end of the week they will get used to getting up early and having to move their tushies to get themselves to school ON TIME!!

Someone on one of my Yahoo lists reminded me that there are 144?? days until Christmas!! How rude! LOL


Monday, August 24, 2009

A list

As August quickly turns into September, I tried to figure out what I've or we've accomplished this summer and my list is pitiful if you ask me.

- 2 of 3 kids went to Door County for a few days
- all 3 kids went to State Fair
- all 3 kids went to Summerfest and got sunburned
- Darling Daughter got her temps
- Darling Husband has been on furlough for at least 3 months now
- lots of sleeping in by the kids, me not so much
- lots of frozen treats eaten
- our for hamburgers at Larry's Deli with Husband on Fridays (will miss those when he goes back to work)
- My niece got married
- Just got word that my nephew with get married next August
- The end of the week brings my mother in law's birthday along with mine

I think that's it. Like I said, not too too impressive. No big vacations, nothing big bought (didn't have the money) Kept it low key and at home. Here's to a quiet end of August and beginning of September.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thought I would share..

Since I figured out how to upload pictures from my camera to my new laptop (actually it's almost a year, see I'm slow about things like this). I thought I would share a precious picture of my kids with you.



Friday, August 14, 2009

Here it is....

Almost the middle of August and nothing to show for it. As usual, I'm doing the umpteenth load of laundry, getting the kids registered for school (thank goodness that's done), have to finish school supply shopping, get the 2 boys haircuts, etc.

DH is still on furlough and has been for almost 3 months (if you add up all the days, that's what it amounts to). DH went on a job interview on Wednesday and got a call back for Monday for a second interview, hopefully something good will come of that (fingers crossed!). I wish it would either stay nice (70's and low humidity) or stay hot, this is playing havoc on my skin. Either making it really comfortable for me or incredibly painful (nothing that a good night's sleep and Advil won't cure). Started stitching again and should have a progress picture soon. It would be about a month's worth of stitching (not the world's fastest stitcher by far)

Otherwise, there is no news in my household, just the same old stuff. Hopefully I'll blog a bit more this month, I wish you and yours a safe rest of summer and into early fall.


Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!

It's kinda low-key for me today, just feel like crap, maybe even a little depressed. I dunno. I'm so worried about finances it's not funny. DH has been on furloughs 2 times already and this upcoming paycheck will be no paycheck. We had to dip into savings to make ends meet. DH will get unemployment, but that's not enough to cover anything (maybe food but that's it). I just wish DH's job would call him back to 5 days instead of 4. Hell, at this point I wish they would just call him back. Maybe in a way they did. He's supposed to go to Iowa next week on a job. And go back to the office the following week on his 4 days. I do hope this pans out, I'm so sick of this that my depression and anxiety are coming back in full force after being under control for a year or so. ARUGH I hate this!! I realize that we are not the only ones going through this but this just sucks, BIG TIME!!

On the stitching front, nothing to report. Just been in this funk and it doesn't want to go away. On the home front, Darling Daughter got her temps to drive (scary I know), Middle child is bored silly and little one (he's actually 9) wishes school would start again. I think they like the "routine of school" I know I do. They went to Summerfest on opening day about 10 days ago and had a good time, 2 kids got sunburned a little but they are nice and tan now. A lot of our flowers are blooming nicely and we get humming birds on a daily basis. We saw a mama raccoon with her babies (all 5 of them) in our backyard last night. As cute as they are, I wish they would investigate someone else's yard. Otherwise, everyone is healthy for the time being. But that could change at any minute with kids and all. :)

Hope you and yours had a great 4th of July!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Pretty May Day

Hi there,

It's a beautiful day here in Milwaukee. We are supposed to get thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow, so I'm enjoying today. What's new in the household?? not much.

DH got his days cut at work. Now he is working 4 days instead of 5, which means he gets a 3 day weekend every week for the forseeable future (not happy here!!) DH loves the idea of working a 4 day work week but we lose a whole day's pay. Hopefully this isn't a long term decision for the company.

School is almost out for my kids and they are happy about that. I signed my daughter up for driver's ed (behind the wheel, observation and classroom) she's looking forward to it but not the idea of it starting right after school lets out. She wants to drive (I don't want her to, but she is at that age now and I do remember what it was like to get my license) so she will have to be there at 8 am bright and early for about 6 weeks or so. Then she wants to work at State Fair this year (just have to get her a work permit from the school) and that's fine, again long hours but the money is worth it to her and it's something for her to do during the day for 11 days. Not sure what the boys will be doing this summer, hopefully not sitting on their butts watching tv all day (not good idea, get out and play!!!)

Other than that, we (DH and I) are talking about removing the falling fence and putting up pretty bushes rather than a fence again along the back part of the lot. DH just needs to get out there and do something about it. That will be another time for venting I think...LOL

Gotta run and enjoy the day. Hope yours is a good one.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Grey Sunday

Hi there!!

I'm sitting here with my computer TRYING to find all my old bookmarks, sites, etc. Why you ask? Well after having this laptop for just 3 months, the wonderful, stupid hard drive decided to fail big time. I bought this computer from Best Buy with it's Geek Squad protection for one year and I'm glad I did. I'm almost sorry I didn't extend the warranty for another year but live and learn. The could have backed up my bookmarks and email and such for $100 DOLLARS but I decided against that. Why does it cost money to get stuff off of a readable but broken hard drive??
What does that mean?
I get to go internet surfing again!!!! Goodie for me!!

Today Chris and the kids went to Chicago, I was supposed to go but I pulled a muscle in my back and have a huge backache and headache to go along with it so I declined. Kinda hoping that they would not go and wait until next week so I could go along, but nope the kids voiced their opinions loudly and I just told them to go. Maybe, when I'm feeling better, we can go to the aquarium in Chicago and I can see my favorite animal, The SEA OTTER!! Love those little animals.

It's storming up something awful here today, yesterday and possibly tomorrow. We hit 84 degrees on Friday and today it's 52 degrees. I call that mean!! Can't wait until the weather is in the 60-70 degree range for longer periods of time. Even some of my tulips are blooming!!! I'm still installing all the programs that the replacement hard drive deleted so no pictures this time around, maybe next time.

Until then..................................

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A little bummed today....

Today is the 6th anniversary of my dad's passing. I miss him dearly and wish he was here to see his grandchildren grow up. All those things that a grandparent should see, he's missing out on. I love you dad and miss you terribly.

going to go and look at pictures.
Talk to ya soon


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Stuff/Life in general

Well, it's the Sunday before Easter and I'm sitting here waiting for the umteenth load of laundry to get done. Easter will be a low-key event for us this year as DH is traveling for work out of the state, my lovely daughter will be going to a concert (didn't realize it was on Easter Sunday until AFTER she purchased the ticket, oh well live and learn), My mom is going to her sister's house for the holiday which is fine but at the present moment, she is mad at me. So I'll give her some time to cool off and maybe she'll come around.

Got quarter grades this weekend and all I can say is that 2 out of 3 kids are doing great. Darling daughter is not. So we have taken things away from her and if her grades improve come June (last report card of the year) then we will give her those things back. Kids spent the night at my sis-in-law's house and DH and I went bumming around town, which is a cool concept for us as we don't get to do that often. The bullying has stopped for middle child for the time being and he seems happier than I've seen him in a LONG time. He just needs to speak up for himself and talk to the school counselor and things will get resolved (hopefully)

We are supposed to get at least 5 inches of snow (I know this is April, but in Wisconsin anything can happen) but it's not here yet, here's to hoping that it will pass us by completely (I know it won't but one can hope can't they???)

Started a new stitching project and maybe I'll finish this one. Need to get a couple of things framed too. The walls still look bare and we've been in this house for almost 6 years!!! Need to get crackin' on that one.

That's it for now, If I don't post again until after the holiday, I do hope you have a blessed one.


Monday, March 23, 2009


I stupidly (yes, one of Kelly's stupid things) signed up for some additional vision/health/dental/auto insurance that will be attached to my mortgage. I was smart and wrote down the 800 number to cancel it as soon as I got my policy. WELL, today the policy came and I promptly called to cancel it. The chicky-poo on the other end of the phone from AIG kept telling me the benefits of holding on the policy and, by that time, had asked her to cancel it 3 times. Finally I told her that I didn't care what the FANTASTIC benefits were, I told her to cancel it and I demanded it to be cancelled otherwise a supervisor would be in order. She gave me my cancellation number and hung up on me without me repeating the number. ARUGH, why do such people exist??

There's my vent, hopefully for the day.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!

Well, today is a bittersweet day. It would have been my dad's 76th birthday. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him, one of my kids remind me of him, etc. It's still hard to believe that he's gone from this earth but he's not gone in my heart and memories.

Happy Birthday Dad!! I miss you and love you dearly


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nathan's Birthday!!

Well, today is my middle child, Nathan, birthday. It's actually his golden birthday. So that makes him 12 today. I still cannot believe that he is taller than me and that it was 12 years ago that I gave birth to him. He's growing into a fine kid. Hopefully, he will let me take a picture of him later today and I will post it as soon as I can. Happy Birthday Nathan, Mom loves you!!

I also told you that I would probably have some other news to share. Well, if you have read my blog last summer, you know that we lost our sweet Siamese cat Maddy. Last week, we adopted Leo, a dark colored Siamese. He's 3 years old and seems to get along with the other cats in the house and loves to sleep in my linen closet or under the covers in my daughter's room. I will get a picture of him as well and post it as soon as I can.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

March already??

Well February went by so fast it wasn't funny. Had parent-teacher conferences for Sam and he's doing just fine. Got Nichole's mid-term grades back and she is doing just fine and Nathan got his mid-term grades and he is fine as well. Nathan hasn't had much problems with the kids at school (or at least that's what he is telling me) but he did get lunch detention for pushing a kid who smacked him in the face (that kid was suspended). Chris' job is going well for the time being. With the economy being so uncertain, we are grateful that he has a job now. As for me, nothing major going on. Still haven't been in a stitching mood, but I've gotten myself into a reading routine. Nothing earth-shattering, just your basic chick-lit books and I've enjoyed them to no end.

Now bring on March. Today would have been my parent's 38th wedding anniversary and the 21st would have been my dad's 76th birthday. Miss you dad!! But on the upside, the 12th is Nathan's golden birthday (yes, that means he will be 12 years old.) and this kid is taller than me. The 31st brings Sam's 9th birthday. Where in the world did the time go?? And I asked Sam what he wanted for his birthday and his answer was "a new bike and Pokemon Platinum game for the DS" I think that's doable but we have to wait to get that bike until the snow melts, it gets a little warmer and Toys R Us has them for sale.

Hope all is well with you out there. I might have some cute news by next week. More about that later.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February already??

Well, Well January has just blown by. Nothing major happened. Just your usual stuff for Wisconsin. A couple of snowstorms (which kids either had 1/2 a day or full day off ) then the bitter cold (again 2 days off of school) and then they had an early release day which was already scheduled before the bitter cold set in. Now they are saying that this weekend it will be in the 40's!! Then the ugly snow will be gone (hopefully) and then I can already see my husband looking at the garden to see what plants he will and want to plant when the weather is actually warmer for longer periods of time.

Today is a low key day as my daughter is home very sick with a double ear infection and an sinus infection and you know she is sick when she stays home from school. This is a child who LOVES school and her friends and etc.. Hopefully no one else will get sick. We started going to the YMCA as a family and hopefully I will lose these nagging 10 pounds that I'm carrying around. I'm watching what I'm eating but I think I need to incorporate exercise with it in order to get my weight down.

I've also gotten bit by the start a new project, then another, then another, you get the drift. So, I've got 3 new stitching projects started but no ambition to finish or continue with them. This is sad, so sad!! My mom is doing well from her knee surgery back in October, a couple of setbacks but hopefully that is done with and she will be able to do her own laundry soon. I don't mind doing it but I seem to pick the day when I have 10 loads to do. Arugh!! so frustrating.

I thought I would update my blog because I haven't been very good at it lately. Hopefully that will change soon. Hugs to all.