Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Grey Sunday

Hi there!!

I'm sitting here with my computer TRYING to find all my old bookmarks, sites, etc. Why you ask? Well after having this laptop for just 3 months, the wonderful, stupid hard drive decided to fail big time. I bought this computer from Best Buy with it's Geek Squad protection for one year and I'm glad I did. I'm almost sorry I didn't extend the warranty for another year but live and learn. The could have backed up my bookmarks and email and such for $100 DOLLARS but I decided against that. Why does it cost money to get stuff off of a readable but broken hard drive??
What does that mean?
I get to go internet surfing again!!!! Goodie for me!!

Today Chris and the kids went to Chicago, I was supposed to go but I pulled a muscle in my back and have a huge backache and headache to go along with it so I declined. Kinda hoping that they would not go and wait until next week so I could go along, but nope the kids voiced their opinions loudly and I just told them to go. Maybe, when I'm feeling better, we can go to the aquarium in Chicago and I can see my favorite animal, The SEA OTTER!! Love those little animals.

It's storming up something awful here today, yesterday and possibly tomorrow. We hit 84 degrees on Friday and today it's 52 degrees. I call that mean!! Can't wait until the weather is in the 60-70 degree range for longer periods of time. Even some of my tulips are blooming!!! I'm still installing all the programs that the replacement hard drive deleted so no pictures this time around, maybe next time.

Until then..................................

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Sorry to hear about your bookmarks and stuff...

Really sorry to hear about your back too.

Hope you are at least enjoying the peace and quiet.