Saturday, December 27, 2008

A late Merry Christmas

Well another Christmas has come and gone without much fanfare I do report. The kids stayed healthy, the husband did too. But me? you ask Well I lost my voice to a killer sore throat and now I'm hacking away all the time and feel generally yucky. I wish it was a normal week where I could sneak into the doctors and find out what is really wrong, but I guess a walk in clinic will do.

Chris and I celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary on the 23rd the gift I gave him was me with no voice. Boy did he love that one (if you don't know me... I tend to talk alot) The 24th we spend cleaning and making cookies and on Christmas Day (which was basically nice here in Wisconsin) had my mother over and had dinner and basically lost my voice once again. Oh the joys of whatever the hell I've got. Today is the 27th and we are all supposed to go to my in-laws house for the "Otto" Christmas. I think I'm going to bug out of this as I don't want others to get sick from me. But that isn't until 4 and who knows, I might be feeling a bit better.

And right now, Milwaukee is undergoing a major thaw. About half our snow is gone, raining and our roof is just about clear (thank god) It's nice outside but the snow looks yucky and dirty but I'll take the thaw anyday after the major cold we had. The rain is supposed to turn to a little bit of snow sometime this weekend but I'm not expecting anything major, or at least that's what the weatherguy says (he could be wrong ya know)

Not stitching much lately, too much going on right now. Hopefully I will start stitching again next week, when the kids go up north for a week and play in the Door County snow. If I don't write again for a while, I do hope you have a blessed New Year and I'll see you then.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Things for Sale or Trade

these are a few of my patterns that I would like to either sell or trade. The top one is a Zippie by Bent Creek. The next one is a Mother's Day patter by the Triology (no charm included)

the first one that emails me with what they want, gets it and we will work out details then. Since these are all gently used I'm asking for $2.00 a piece with $1.50 shipping.