Wednesday, February 4, 2009

February already??

Well, Well January has just blown by. Nothing major happened. Just your usual stuff for Wisconsin. A couple of snowstorms (which kids either had 1/2 a day or full day off ) then the bitter cold (again 2 days off of school) and then they had an early release day which was already scheduled before the bitter cold set in. Now they are saying that this weekend it will be in the 40's!! Then the ugly snow will be gone (hopefully) and then I can already see my husband looking at the garden to see what plants he will and want to plant when the weather is actually warmer for longer periods of time.

Today is a low key day as my daughter is home very sick with a double ear infection and an sinus infection and you know she is sick when she stays home from school. This is a child who LOVES school and her friends and etc.. Hopefully no one else will get sick. We started going to the YMCA as a family and hopefully I will lose these nagging 10 pounds that I'm carrying around. I'm watching what I'm eating but I think I need to incorporate exercise with it in order to get my weight down.

I've also gotten bit by the start a new project, then another, then another, you get the drift. So, I've got 3 new stitching projects started but no ambition to finish or continue with them. This is sad, so sad!! My mom is doing well from her knee surgery back in October, a couple of setbacks but hopefully that is done with and she will be able to do her own laundry soon. I don't mind doing it but I seem to pick the day when I have 10 loads to do. Arugh!! so frustrating.

I thought I would update my blog because I haven't been very good at it lately. Hopefully that will change soon. Hugs to all.