Monday, March 23, 2009


I stupidly (yes, one of Kelly's stupid things) signed up for some additional vision/health/dental/auto insurance that will be attached to my mortgage. I was smart and wrote down the 800 number to cancel it as soon as I got my policy. WELL, today the policy came and I promptly called to cancel it. The chicky-poo on the other end of the phone from AIG kept telling me the benefits of holding on the policy and, by that time, had asked her to cancel it 3 times. Finally I told her that I didn't care what the FANTASTIC benefits were, I told her to cancel it and I demanded it to be cancelled otherwise a supervisor would be in order. She gave me my cancellation number and hung up on me without me repeating the number. ARUGH, why do such people exist??

There's my vent, hopefully for the day.



Kim said...

I thought that those people only were around to annoy me. :) Glad to hear that they have moved on to someone else. LOL

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

OH Geeze... just what you need.

I am not impressed with that company and I think alot of people are not happy with them at the moment.....

Why can people no take it when someone says no? Hello the word is not so long that I lose your attention.