Sunday, April 5, 2009

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Well, it's the Sunday before Easter and I'm sitting here waiting for the umteenth load of laundry to get done. Easter will be a low-key event for us this year as DH is traveling for work out of the state, my lovely daughter will be going to a concert (didn't realize it was on Easter Sunday until AFTER she purchased the ticket, oh well live and learn), My mom is going to her sister's house for the holiday which is fine but at the present moment, she is mad at me. So I'll give her some time to cool off and maybe she'll come around.

Got quarter grades this weekend and all I can say is that 2 out of 3 kids are doing great. Darling daughter is not. So we have taken things away from her and if her grades improve come June (last report card of the year) then we will give her those things back. Kids spent the night at my sis-in-law's house and DH and I went bumming around town, which is a cool concept for us as we don't get to do that often. The bullying has stopped for middle child for the time being and he seems happier than I've seen him in a LONG time. He just needs to speak up for himself and talk to the school counselor and things will get resolved (hopefully)

We are supposed to get at least 5 inches of snow (I know this is April, but in Wisconsin anything can happen) but it's not here yet, here's to hoping that it will pass us by completely (I know it won't but one can hope can't they???)

Started a new stitching project and maybe I'll finish this one. Need to get a couple of things framed too. The walls still look bare and we've been in this house for almost 6 years!!! Need to get crackin' on that one.

That's it for now, If I don't post again until after the holiday, I do hope you have a blessed one.


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Kim said...

I remember one year at Easter time when we were living in Nashville TN we got snow. Now that's odd. They are forecasting rain here for Easter. Oh well.

So, what is your next project?