Saturday, October 31, 2009

It's Halloween!!!!

Well it's Halloween and my kids want to dive into the various bags of candy we have here for this afternoon. Not going to happen!! They have to wait until 1:00p.m. to get candy whether they like it or not, HA to them!!

What's new in my world you're wondering?? (or not LOL)

Last Tuesday, Nathan and I went to the dentist for a consult about his teeth. Some of his permanent teeth were coming in OVER the baby teeth and things just didn't look right in his mouth and he was starting to be in pain over it. Took him to the dentist for a "quick" exam and the dentist comes out and tells me that he needs 6 baby teeth pulled and we are just going to go ahead and do that, is that fine with you?? I told him that it would be fine with me if it was alright with Nathan. Well 30 minutes later Nathan comes out with gauze in his mouth, looking horrible and just plain wants to go home. With insurance I had to pay out $600 for this visit, like I have $600 dollars available at all times. So on to the credit card it went, not happy about it but happy that this part is over. Next is a cleaning and then talking braces, lovely.

Then Wednesday, I was so concerned about Nathan and his mouth, I completely forgot about parent/teacher conferences so I will have to call and ask about his behavior and grades and what not. Then the kids were off Thursday and Friday as well. Nothing big was going on, kinda a low key couple of days. THEN husband comes home last night from grocery shopping and tells me his car needs an alternator NOW rather than later. OKAY I said with a sigh, when it rains it pours but at least we have some money to do this rather than be down to one car and hope I don't need my car during the day.

I'm still stitching away at PS "Must Be Santa" 2009 Limited Edition kit. I'll take some pictures of that and some ornaments that a wonderful lady finished off for me (because I cannot finish finish projects and will pay someone to do so.) and hopefully Halloween pictures.

So for now, enjoy your Halloween and get lots of candy!!


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

So sorry to hear about Nathan's mouth. That is alot to get pulled at once.

I will be joining you on being bugged about candy all day today by my kids.

blueladie said...

oh Kelly, I am so sorry you all are having to deal with so much.

hugs and prayers,

Carolyn NC said...

Hope Nathan's mouth heals quickly and you're able to get the car fixed. Sorry for all the costly events. :)