Sunday, August 29, 2010

It's my birthday today!!


I'm not sure if I should be happy or not. It's not like I turned 40 this year (that's next year), I'm 39 today. I should be happy that I have a wonderful husband, kids, mom and bunch of extended family. Don't get me wrong, I am happy for that. It's such a weird feeling. I got this way before my 30th birthday too. Maybe it's the fact that I'm getting older and hopefully wiser. Maybe it's because I miss my dad and he's not here to celebrate with me. I dunno. All I know is that I'm grateful that God let me wake up today to celebrate another birthday (or the anniversary of my birth as my dad would say).

Whatever the day brings, I'm happy.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A new school year about to begin!!

Well here it is, August 25th and some one rude reminded me that Christmas is 4 months away. Yuck!! I don't even want to hear about Christmas until AFTER my husband's birthday in early November. Pet peeve of mine

Anyways, school is about to start. It starts Sept 1 for Sam and Nichole and the 17th for Nathan. Why the delay with Nathan you ask? I'm homeschooling him and I haven't gotten all his supplies ordered and the ones I do have ordered are on backorder until about that time. But I've got him writing a report on a subject for one of his chapters in Social Studies, so I am doing something.

Sam is excited to go back to school. This year he gets to wear an I.D. and play the cello. Nichole just wants something to do. She will be a junior this year and she can't wait. I'm glad to see some of my kids excited about school, I just wish Nathan was more into it. Maybe he will as we start this new adventure in our lives. And I hope it works out for the better. I don't want Nathan going through what he went through last year ever again and if this is the way we teach him, then so be it. I can do this, I know I can and I will succeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

The above picture is what I think I will use for Christmas pictures (unless a better one is taken at my nephew's wedding on Saturday.) this year. I just wish that the boys were actually smiling with teeth, not this crap that they are pulling. Oh well, I tried. I also got to use Nichole's fancy camera. It's cool. I'm beginning to think that I need one. Nah, I'll just borrow hers when I want "nice" pictures.


Friday, August 13, 2010 artist

This is my daughter, Nichole and she was at her aunt's house painting for a charity project in Door County. I'm really proud of what she has accomplished in the few years that she has been concentrating on art and photography. One of her pictures she took for a class this past year is being shown at the State Fair in the Expo Hall. She didn't win a thing for the picture, but I'm proud none-the-less.

Thought I would share her in "action", rather than just tell you about it.


Friday, August 6, 2010

August already??

I cannot believe that it's August already. Where in the world did the summer go? I for one, will be happy to see the upper 80's and lower 90's leave and take the darn humidity with it. Today is beautiful, a little cloudy, but temps are nice and humidity is lower. My type of weather.

The State Fair has started and my daughter Nichole is working for the first time at the fair. I'm not sure what she's doing but when she came home last night, she went straight to bed and I talked a little to her this morning and she was still tired (and a bit sunburned). I haven't heard from her yet today so I assume that all is well. I cannot believe my kid is old enough to earn her own paycheck.

I also registered 2 out of 3 kids for school. They suck you dry of money I tell ya. Now all they have to have done is their pictures and get their schedules and that's it. School starts Sept 1, so does Nathan's homeschooling. I'm just glad we didn't have to put the registration fees on a credit card this year. It's sucky when we have to do that.

I've lost my stitching mojo. I'm not sure where it went or when it went but it's gone. I'm tempted to sell my stitching patterns but I know better. It will be back (I hope!) So for right now, I'm concentrating on school and reading fun books in my spare time. I also hope to take Christmas card pictures with Nichole's very expensive camera that I bought her. I'll post those pictures when I take them. It won't be anytime real soon, as I promised Nichole that we would do them AFTER she was done with the fair (August 15th).

Have to run and stop a fight in progress.