Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Someone is 16 today!!!


Well, today is a bittersweet day. Not only is today my daughter, Nichole's 16th birthday but I'm also wondering where the time went. Can it REALLY be 16 years since she was coming into my little family of my husband and myself?? How is my life going to change with her in it?? Can I be a good enough Mommy for her?? I can honestly say that I've become a better person with her in my life and am grateful for her. She brings joy to my life every day (some days are better than others). I'm so grateful that she's healthy (this whole thing could have turned out SO differently, don't want to dwell on that.) and intelligent and funny (just like her father). I'll post a picture of her with her Edible Arrangement of Strawberries. She wanted that instead of a cake which if fine with me.

I'll also post a picture of myself, Nichole and Sam. Enjoy!


Tanya said...

Lovely picture and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Tanya :)

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Happy Birthday Nicole!

I am with you Kelly... Where has the time gone. My daughter turns 16 in 14 days! UGHHHH!!! Makes me feel old!

blueladie said...

Wonderful pics! Happy Birthday Nichole!!! :D

Carolyn NC said...

Sweet pictures - Happy Birthday to your DD!

Paulette said...

What beautiful photos! Gorgeous, all of you. Happy Happy birthday to Nichole!!!! I'm sorry I'm so late, but I hope it was a good one. And the strawberries look wonderful!