Thursday, September 17, 2009

Not a good week so far...

Hi there,

Well there is this stupid sickness running it's course through my house. First, Nathan complained of a sore throat and generally not feeling well (Kept him home from school on Monday he went to school on Tuesday and has been home yesterday and today as well), Nichole is coming down with something as well and struggled with the idea of staying home from school today (she did after realizing that she would probably come home at some point during the morning school hours), so now she took some Advil and went back to bed. THEN it's Sam's turn. He's sneezing and coughing up a storm and I looked down his throat with this thingie I bought to look in their ears but it works well in this situation. And his throat is red and he's complaining of a sore throat. If this is what swine flu or any other type of flu looks like, I WANT IT OUT OF MY HOUSE NOW!!! Wait, I bet my turn is coming soon. Goodie, can't wait LOL.

Haven't stitched in a couple days due to taking care of said sick kids. Hopefully people will start feeling better this weekend and I will make more progress on my project.

Sorry if this post bored you to death, but needed to post feelings someplace and why not my blog?



GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Sorry to hear that everyone is getting sick. Hope they all feel better soon.

Carolyn NC said...

Your blog is for you ultimately, though we enjoy it, and you post what you want! Hope everyone gets over their sickness soon and you don't get it!

blueladie said...

Best place for your comments, Kelly. I am sorry and hope and pray that your children and you and DH will ALL be well soon.


CJ said...

Sorry to hear about everyone getting sick. We have it going aroud our house too. Hope you all get over it real quick.