Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A Pretty May Day

Hi there,

It's a beautiful day here in Milwaukee. We are supposed to get thunderstorms tonight and tomorrow, so I'm enjoying today. What's new in the household?? not much.

DH got his days cut at work. Now he is working 4 days instead of 5, which means he gets a 3 day weekend every week for the forseeable future (not happy here!!) DH loves the idea of working a 4 day work week but we lose a whole day's pay. Hopefully this isn't a long term decision for the company.

School is almost out for my kids and they are happy about that. I signed my daughter up for driver's ed (behind the wheel, observation and classroom) she's looking forward to it but not the idea of it starting right after school lets out. She wants to drive (I don't want her to, but she is at that age now and I do remember what it was like to get my license) so she will have to be there at 8 am bright and early for about 6 weeks or so. Then she wants to work at State Fair this year (just have to get her a work permit from the school) and that's fine, again long hours but the money is worth it to her and it's something for her to do during the day for 11 days. Not sure what the boys will be doing this summer, hopefully not sitting on their butts watching tv all day (not good idea, get out and play!!!)

Other than that, we (DH and I) are talking about removing the falling fence and putting up pretty bushes rather than a fence again along the back part of the lot. DH just needs to get out there and do something about it. That will be another time for venting I think...LOL

Gotta run and enjoy the day. Hope yours is a good one.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Glad to hear that you are surviving.
I have 2 that will be driving soon.... but no one gets their license until I get mine finished.... that is if I have to say anything about it.

blueladie said...

Sorry to hear DH's hours were cut. I hope too it is temporary. Good that your daughter will be busy. Hope the others can find something fun to do with their summer. You too, Kelly. Take care.