Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Some ramblings and venting AGAIN!

It's the day after President's Day and my middle child, Nathan, has been home sick for almost a week now. I finally took him to the doctor's and he couldn't come up with a diagnosis, so he is running some blood tests. Some of the results came back normal, a couple of results are a bit high and the rest haven't come in yet. So, the doctor prescribed an antibiotic for him to take and this morning he seems to feel a bit better than yesterday but not quite ready to go back to school yet. He is missing SO much school, assignments, instruction I'm not sure what to do. So we are laying low and trying to get Nathan better.

Haven't had the patience to stitch lately. Too stressed out about Nathan. If I keep stressing out, I'll make myself sick and that isn't a good thing. I have been reading off and on, so that gets my mind off the immediate problems.

DH has been working consistantly with more work for him to do, so that will keep up for a while. Nichole and Sam are doing well. They wish for no more snow and warmer days. Sam really wants to ride his bike to school so he doesn't have to leave so early. I don't blame him either. I want warmer temps and no more snow!! I'm snowed out!!

Also trying to figure out where money is going to come from to fix a leaky window in one of our bathrooms. Happens every late winter/early spring. The snow melts, icicles melt and then the water leaks into the frame of the window. We also need to fix our back fence. Looks like a tornado went through, it's just falling apart and whomever fixed it - did it WRONG!! So DH will have to put in new posts and hopefully we can use some of the panels yet, if not, then we need to obviously replace them. Sigh..... sometimes being a homeowner isn't fun.

I guess I've rambled on long enough. I'll update the blog when I know more about Nathan.