Sunday, January 30, 2011

MTV rant - sort of - well maybe

Ok, I'm feeling somewhat human again and while I was sick (in bed and on pain killers) I've made some strange observations.  Like:

- Why is there a show on MTV called "Teen Mom 2"???  Wasn't "16 and Pregnant" enough of a reality check??  Do these kids REALLY think that Motherhood is all that and then some?? Please.  Enough of it already.

- Now, also on MTV, there is a show called "True Life" (or something to that effect).  I get the reasoning for it but do we really need to see people shoving food into their mouths and then complain that they cannot loose weight?? Yes, I was watching "I'm addicted to food" episode.  Why oh why do we have shows like this... I will never understand.

-Jersey Shore..... Need I say more??  And WHY on EARTH does this "Snookie" person have a book out?? Please shed some light on this.

- Remember when MTV actually PLAYED VIDEOS??? The good 'ole days, I tell ya.  And VH1 used to play Soft Rock videos...ahhh I miss those days.

On a related but different topic -

-Did you know that the music that I listened to in the 80's is now considered CLASSIC ROCK??? Am I THAT old already??  I remember when the Classic Rock station played, you know, Led Zepplin and that kind of stuff.  Since when is Duran Duran or INXS Classic Rock??  I hate to think of what my daughter will think of Classic Rock in 20 years or so.  Sigh....

I''ve made some other observations but I'll save those for a different post in the future.


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