Friday, January 14, 2011


Happy Friday!!

Let's see, what will today bring?

Today will bring the following:

doing a crap load of laundry (again)
cleaning the dining room table (again) after daughter messed it up doing her lab project for class
emptying the dishwasher (wonder if I can get son #1 to do it??)
clean off the kitchen table (again, don't people know how to put away anything in this house??)
and maybe a trip to the gas station to fill my car up. Wonder if I can get hubs to do that??

As you can see, I have a lot to do. Well, it's a lot for ME to do. See, most people in this house don't help me. With the exception of daughter (who knows she will get money for helping extra and beyond what is expected of her). I don't understand why once I get better, everyone thinks that they don't have to help. They live here. I really don't ask for much help around here and when I do - I always get "GEEZE MOM, I"M PLAYING VIDEO GAMES, CAN IT WAIT??" crap. No it cannot wait, just do it and be done with it. It's not that hard to do.

I'm SO tempted to dis-assemble the video gaming systems and put them away for a good long time and see what they will do with their time. I'm still being asked for this game or that game. I keep on telling them, "do you have money to pay for it, because I sure as hell don't." and that usually shuts them up. Maybe I'm being too harsh, I don't know. But those gaming systems are taking the place of helping me around the house, them going outside to get some fresh air, a little time away from the TV and some peace and (well maybe not ) quiet, instead of the yelling at the TV.

How do you get either your husband or your kids to help out more around the house?? Please share.



GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I soooo hear you.

I cannot get help here either. I refuse to do anyone's laundry but mine and hubby's. If they do not have clothes it is their fault.

I now need to figure out how to get them to clean their rooms(I refuse to do this one) and do their own dishes.(need to figure out how to get them to do this one)

Otherwise, it is mom this mom that. I am sorry this mom is about to go on strike. I cannot do everything by myself.

blueladie said...

I don't, never did. ;) Cathryn

Kathy said...

Since I can't very well ask the dog for help. (Or maybe I can?) I have to do it myself or leave it undone until I feel like it. :) It is either me, myself or I who do the chores. :)