Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Random Thoughts

Well well it's Tuesday. Time for some random thoughts. Bet you didn't think I had anymore, did ya?? Here we go:

- Nothing says "Good Morning" like a power outage. Yup, no heat, no lights and more importantly NO COFFEE. Power was back up within an hour so all is good now. :)

- Do we REALLY care if Regis is retiring?? Do we REALLY care if Brett "stupid-ass" Favre is retiring for the umpteenth time??

- Daughter is really annoying if she doesn't get enough sleep!!! (love you SOOOO MUCH!!)

- Nothing says "Winter in Wisconsin" like 6 inches of freshly fallen snow (to shovel btw) followed by a BLAST of cold weather!! I want summer back so bad!!

- Why oh why do I have to be the ONLY human in this house to put dishes in the dishwasher?? Maybe I should print out a map of the dishwasher and "show" people how to load the stupid thing. LOL now that would be funny as all get out.

- Do we really care if one of the models on QVC is preggers?? I mean really, why is that news?? Slow news day perhaps?

Last random thought, I promise :)

- Betty White had a birthday yesterday and I for one am glad to see her still around.

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blueladie said...

LOL... or maybe I shouldn't be laughing. I REALLY would bite in the morning if I didn't have my coffee! :( Cathryn