Thursday, June 30, 2011

What would you do...

Ok, Here's the backstory:

I "used" to have a childhood "friend" who I thought I could trust though out my life.  We both graduated from high school (although a year apart when we are the same age...she failed a grade in middle school) and went on with our lives.

I got married, had my kids, moved an absurd amount of times. While she got married, went through a divorce, and decided that I wasn't "worthy" of being her friend any longer. Why? Who the hell knows. This person "claims" it was because I wasn't there for her while she was going through her divorce...ummm yeah, reason: bedrest with 3rd child!!!! Any whoo....I now have these nagging questions that I would love to be answered. Like, were you ever my friend or were you my friend because you felt sorry for me and so on.  

What would you do....would you email said person or just drop it?  I'm inclined to just drop it and be left wondering.



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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I would just drop it and leave it alone. She is in a poor me time of life... I know it keeps you wondering if the past was really as you see it or as they see it.

Boy do I know that one.

I have a friend kind of like that.
My friend that is like that used to treat me like crap. Her parents used to tell me that I am a awesome friend and how badly they felt that their daughter did not return the same treatment back to me. To this day she has contact with me but she never talks to me unless she wants something.

I just let things lie where they are. I know I was the best kind of friend and I am satisfied. That is all I can do.