Thursday, June 30, 2011

Everyday Family Traditions

Today on Social Mom's site there was this writing prompt and it goes something like this:

 What are your everyday family traditions? -    What everyday 'traditions' do you have to make your family life special - do you eat dinner together? Go out to breakfast on weekends? Have a goodbye ritual every morning?

In our house we don't have "traditions" per say, we have things we do on an everyday basis but I wouldn't call them "traditions".  For instance,

My youngest child like to be woken up by me and only me, so having his older brother wake him up..not a good idea.  He (youngest child) likes the gentle hug I give him to wake him and remind him that it's time to wake up for the day.  The other kids, well...they are older and really don't want me waking them up so I invested in alarm clocks for them.

Another thing that I do with my youngest child is a nose kiss.  He doesn't like the traditional kiss on the cheek goodnight, but he will give me a nose-kiss and a hug.  And we do that when he leaves for school, and at night when he goes to sleep.

I guess the only thing that is a common thing (and it's slowly leaving because youngest child is getting older) is the watching of Invader Zim at night together.  He will watch Lord of the Rings with his dad, but he leaves Invader Zim for me.  Sweet huh?

What are YOUR traditions?

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

That is sweet Kelly.

I think the only real tradition we have is Christmas morning breakfast.

We have hot cocoa with marshmallow and candy canes. Followed with or eaten with chocolate chip pancakes with whipped cream and boysenberry syrup. Sometimes we even add candy sprinkles. A breakfast only Santa would love..... LOL