Monday, April 7, 2008

Not much going on..

Except that my tulips are starting to come out and there is hope that Spring is coming. This past weekend was beautiful and now that the new week is here we are supposed to get cooler weather and rain (This IS Wisconsin mind you.) I also got a new recliner as my old chair wasn't cutting it any longer. I'll post a picture of something soon (hopefully my newly sprouted tulips.)

On a sad note, today is the 5th anniversary of my father's passing. I miss him terribly but realize that he's no longer suffering and is in a better place.

Enough with the sadness.


Chiloe said...

First time on your blog: your kids are so cute and they seem very happy ( steal pictures of your daughter when she doesn't know ;-) lol )

Kim said...

Big hugs coming your way!

Can't wait to see some pictures!

Kathy said...

HI Kelly, I know how you feel on this day, especially since my dad passed away 19 years ago the day after (April 8). The time goes by but it still seems like it was last week. I hope you, like me dream about him. It really brings comfort to me when I wake in the morning knowing I spent time with my dad! HUGS TO YOU!