Thursday, March 20, 2008

Gotta love Spring like temps.

Well here we are mid-March and we just celebrated my middle child, Nathan's, 11th birthday on the 12th of March. Now here are my boys riding their bikes on the dry pavement amongst the snow banks!!! LOL Sam will turn 8 on the 31st of March and he can't wait for presents and cake, but first there's Easter. Will the non-stop sugar filled holidays and celebrations end?? Yes, on the 1st of April. Kids are off of school until the 31st so they are happy, is MOM happy about that?? Not sure LOL. Have a great Easter.

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Kim said...

Love the picture!

Tell your Sam "Happy Birthday!"

Understand about the endless sugar! First there's Christmas, then Valentine's Day, then my Sam's birthday usually followed by Easter. But this year since Easter was early it was just a couple of weeks apart! I'm happy now that it is over!