Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ticked off beyond belief.....

I should be used to this crap by now but today it hurt more for some reason.

I went to the Target in Brookfield because 1. It's clean, and 2) it's clean.......Did I mention the Target was clean?? I also bought a rice cooker/veggie steamer on recommendation from a friend.  And it was on SALE!!! YIPPEE... I digress..........

So after that I went to Noodles and Co for lunch.  While I was sitting there, eating my lunch and realizing I had this new found freedom of sorts - I hear people next to me and behind me, talking about me.  WTF??  They were complaining to the staff at Noodles that my presence there was unappetizing because I was peeling.  Okay....I can't help it.....I was born this sorry....don't look at me....:(

So I was rushed through my lunch and told that the next time I decide to come into that place, I need to wear a sweatshirt or long-sleeves.  Ummm... HELL NO!!!  I down right refuse!!!  I have every right known to man to be in that place and having lunch.  I paid for the lunch, so I should be allowed to enjoy it at a table THERE!!!!!!    I also told the people behind me and next to me that they were rude/annoying/obnoxious and so on.  I also asked them if their parents brought them up to be do damn rude. 

I know it shouldn't bother me, but it does.  I am incredibly aware of what I look like and how others look at me.  I've been this way for almost 40 years now and this skin disorder is not going away anytime soon, SO GET OVER IT PEOPLE!!!!

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GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Sorry people had to be so rude to you. It is such a shame that people cannot be more accepting of others.