Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Stuff.....Good things....but just stuff...

Hey there!!

So in an attempt to get Sam some help for his headache and stomach issues, we went to a pediatrician instead of our family doctor.  While we love our family doctor, he was stumped as to why Sam has been suffering for so long with no obvious reasons why.  As I've said before, all his tests have come out absolutely normal.

This doctor was wonderful.  He's a very soft-spoken, understanding man who took the time to actually TALK to Sam (unlike the other insane doctor's who would just ignore him and talk to me....yeah, I'm NOT the patient, Sam is...arugh..) and he (the doctor) came to the conclusion that Sam has migraine headaches but was treated incorrectly.  While the initial medications should have helped Sam, they actually had the opposite effect on him.  Sam and I walked out of the doctor's office relieved, an actual migraine medication for Sam to try and the option of going back to this doctor or our regular doctor. 

Relief is an understatement.  Sam walked out of there happy, giggly, and actually wanting to play outside yesterday.  I asked him if it was because someone FINALLY listened to him and not told him it was all in his head, and he looked at me....smiled...and said "Yes Mom"  I could have cried..And he was happy the rest of the day...It was SO nice to see him happy, giggly, silly again.  You have NO idea how much I've missed that part of Sam. 

One more thing............

When did Nichole decide to become a Senior in High School??  When did she decide to be so damn independent??  While I TOTALLY encourage all my kids to be independent, I'm amazed as to HOW independent she is.  Yes, I totally get that she is almost 18 and all that crap that goes with it.  But over the past week or so, we (husband and I) got a little taste of life will be like when she is no longer in the house.  It was incredibly weird..I'm so used to all the silliness that Nichole brings and all the yelling at the TV downstairs while they (Sam and Nichole) are playing video games....it was unusually quiet..  So weird...

I officially registered my first child for High School for the last time.  Strange feeling to say the least.  Yes, I know I have 2 other kids to get through the school system BUT when it's your first child - it's weird.  We go and have her Senior pictures taken this weekend and that will also be weird.  Something that I will have to get used to and FAST!!!

Hope you all have a great Summer day!!



Kathy said...

I am so glad to hear that Sam my have found some proper help. If the meds work and continue to I would take him back to that doctor. Especially since he listens! :)

Have a great week.

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I am so glad hearing the news about Sam. It is about time someone gets their butts in gear and start making that boy happy again.

As for Nicole I am right there with you. Hard to believe our first born babies are seniors. (Aleishia is already going through senioritis) It is so strange how the oldest ones spend so much time out of the home you would think that they actually have already moved out. I go for Aleishia's Senior photos on Thursday. Wahhhh!!! Who said they could grow up!!!!