Sunday, May 2, 2010

Some images I wanted to share with you.

Look what my husband found outside his bathroom window this morning. There is a mama robin to go along with the 4 eggs inside the nest. She flew away before I took this picture. Neat huh?
This is Black Bird Design pattern. I forget which one but it's a recent one. I'll get this framed and hung in my bedroom. I think it's pretty.
My furry friends Leo (the darker, Siamese one) and Lisa (the grey and white Maine Coon). Up until this point, they never sat together so this is a first. They also keep me company when I'm not feeling well. Love them to pieces!! :)
This is a Shephard's Bush piece called My Pins. I didn't like the flower on the bottom OR the wording so I left them off. I will have this finished as a mini pin pillow just as soon as I save up the money to get it finished.

Hope you like the pictures. And see, I do stitch from time to time.
Have a great Sunday


Carolyn NC said...

Nice stitching and pics around the house!

blueladie said...

LOVE them, Kelly! Love your fur babies!!! They really are so sweet when you're not feeling well. They just know!
:) Cathryn

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

How exciting to have another family (birdies) sharing the home you live in.

Very pretty stitching. Hope you can get them finished soon.

I love the pics of your kitties.

Take care!

Kathy said...

Love the kitties photo. :) They look so comfy together.

Your stitching is just beautiful. I especially like the SB design and can't wait to see it finished.