Monday, May 17, 2010

Life in General again....

Today is a cloudy, dreary, semi-warmish (insert snickering here) day here in Wisconsin.

This past weekend was fun. DD and I went to Illinois for the weekend. We stayed in a nice hotel, ate resturant food, slept in, shopped at the BIG mall and IKEA (where we found 2 different bookshelves that we desperately need) and found her bed set BUT had no means of getting all those boxes home. DARN!! She is SO picky it's not funny, so for her to like something is a major ordeal.

I left the boys in the capable hands of their father, which was fine. BUT when I got home, none of the stuff I had asked them to do was done, except the dishes. I should be grateful but really, how hard is it to transfer a load of towels into the dryer on Friday night and I discovered them smelly and disgusting on Sunday night???!?!?!? So here I am, waiting for the towels to be dry so we can have fresh, nice smelling towels again in the linen closet. Arugh.. the life of me, I tell ya. :)

DD took her Advance Placement World History exam last week and she thinks she did well, but we will find out sometime in July when the results come in the mail. I think she did fine but she is not as confident as I am about these things. I cannot believe that she will be a Junior next fall!!! She will also be turning 17!! Where did the time go???

When I was going through a box (yes after 7 years of being in this house, we are still not unpacked yet) of stash and I found a bunch of scissor fob patterns. I think I have an obession with them. Love them to pieces, that and scissors. I've got a few of them, would like more, but time will tell and money needs to be there for me to buy them. :) I still have a few more boxes, baskets, etc to go through before I make my stash for sale list, but I will let you all know when that happens.

I think that's it for me. I got a few threads so I can finish a scissor fob (see?? I told ya I have a problem with them!!!) and get that to my finisher friend. I should be able to pick up my framed piece soon.

Until then,


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Glad you and DD had a great time. I know what you mean about things not getting done.

That is great that you are finding stash. Have fun with it.

blueladie said...

It's so good to hear you like this. I am so glad you had an enjoyable trip. You deserved it.
hugs, Cathryn

Meari said...

Ohhh, were you in Schaumburg? I know there's a big mall there and an Ikea (I've been to both, lol).