Friday, January 25, 2008

Like I need more stuff!!

Well, my mom was stitching on her project and thought she didn't have enough fabric and asked me to go to the LNS with her. No problem, I'll go - I have things on hold anyways that I have to pick up. So we get there and I promptly picked up my stuff on hold and somehow $68 dollars worth of stuff JUMPED into my hands. LOL (well, no, not really but you get the picture.) What did I buy?? WELL, I bought SamSarah's January and February Baubbles (with buttons to go with AND the proper fabric- which is really cute), a Lizzie Kate chart with fabric and some much needed threads for various OTHER projects. I'm currently stitching on "Frappuccino" but I'm getting very bored with it and need a different project (something that will stitch quick!), so I need to go looking in my "NEW" stash and see what I come up with. OH, my mom DID have enough fabric to finish the first part of the pattern but needed a small piece to finish the other design. Hopefully I will post a picture of my progress on "Frappuccino" soon and maybe get motivated again to stitch on it.

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