Monday, January 7, 2008

Just another day .....

Well here I am typing on this blog and missing my husband. Did I mention that he's in China on business?? Well, he is and I didn't think I would miss him as much as I do but I got used to him being home every night for the past 3 months (after years of him being on the road) and now he's 7000 miles away (for those of you who can figure it out, it's 14 hours AHEAD of Central time zone). I'll be glad when he gets home this Friday. I think 2 weeks is enough of him being gone but I know that he could be gone as much as 30 days at a crack, but this is more typical.

We are experiencing a "heat" wave here with temps in the upper 40s and just 50 degrees and rain. Most of the snow is gone but we are supposed to get some "light" snow later in the week, typical for Wisconsin. As far as my stitching goes, haven't started anything new even though I have new Valentine things to do, so maybe in the next couple of days. Kids are back in school and Sam has 3 maybe 4 loose teeth and I want to pull the one that is giving him trouble out so it's done with, but as he says "It will come out on it's own MOM!!" Just started reading "Friday Night Knitting Club" (yes it's a chick lit book, what else is new?) Will write again soon.

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Kim said...

Hang in there girl! You'll make it no doubt here.

So...what are you going to stitch first?

I have that book too but haven't started it yet. Is it good?