Monday, May 23, 2011

Grace Ashton. All The Things You Never Say

Okay, I've been known to go on YouTube and link-hop, no biggie everyone does it when they are bored. So, one day I was looking for something completely different and stumbled across this young lady named Grace Ashton. Her voice is beautiful and the song, while quite simple in it's lyrics, has a message that every young/older teen needs to hear.

It wasn't until I actually viewed this video a couple of bazillion times, that I noticed it was filmed at Abbey Road ( Live in Studio 2). How do I know this?? Besides reading the comments on YouTube, I watched the show called "Live from Abbey Road". It was on a channel (I believe Sundance Channel in my neck of the woods) and it was on for about a year maybe a little longer. It was an idea that a producer/session musician/fantastic drummer in his own right, Peter Van Hooke came up with (I believe, could be wrong here...) It showcased various artists, in the studio, performing their current or upcoming releases. It was a fantastic show. I wish it was still on, but it's not. So sad.

I felt like putting this video up because...well.....I can (it's my blog/journal if you will) and I just LOVE LOVE this song.

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