Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Do you believe?

In God?

Do you believe in your own God or do you follow a particular religion?

For my whole childhood, I had parents of different religions. My dad was Lutheran and my mom is Catholic. I think I was baptized in the hospital when I was a couple of hours old as they didn't know if I would make it or not. I never had to go to religion classes, confirmation or anything of the like. I would occassionally go to church with my friend if I had spent the night with them, or with my aunt and uncle if I was staying with them. But unless it was a wedding or a funeral, my parents didn't take me to church. Nor did they force religion on me as a child. They always told me that I could decide, for myself, what religion I wanted to be associated with and when.

I didn't get married in a church, quite the opposite. I got married in my sister-in-law's house by a court commissioner right before Christmas of 1992. DH and I were going to run away and get married as we couldn't afford a wedding, but family (mostly his) got wind of this and offered to host a small wedding. So we did that instead, glad they suggested it.

When DH and I had our daughter, we were asked if we were going to baptize her. DH and I decided that we wouldn't. And not for the reasons you are expecting. There was SO much red-tape to go through since I didn't "belong" to a "certain" religion, I would have to have taken some kind of classes and such. All that for someone to bless her?? I didn't want that and DH was agreeable to that. So, none of our 3 children are baptized as of now. I've always told the kids that it was their choice to associate with the church and that NO ONE should influence your decision and whatever that decision is, so be it.

Years later, I found myself with 2 sick parents. My dad and my father-in-law. For some reason, I prayed for their health and well-being. I prayed a lot. But in the end, God decided that their time was done on this earth and took them home. Today is the 8th anniversary of my father-in-law's passing. And I miss him. He would have been 89 years old. We all miss him. But part of me wonders if I had prayed harder, longer, used bigger words, would they still be here?

Recently, if you been reading my blog, know that I've been sick. And I mean sick. Almost, let's admit Kelly into the hospital sick. It took me almost 8 weeks to get better and I'm left wondering - did those prayers that my husband's family work? and if so, why did it take me so long to get better??

So, do you believe in the power of prayer? a higher power than your own?

Think about it.


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I believe highly in prayer.
I would not be who I am without my faith in my God. With all the events that have happened in my life, if it was not for him I most likely would never have met you... I would probably be dead.

No one can tell you what to believe or who to believe in that is your choice. God gave us free will.

As for your father and FIL, it must not have been God's will for them to continue this life with you and your family. God wanted them to come home.

I know that does not make you feel better. I am sorry. I believe each person comes into your life for a reason and they leave when it is their time.

I pray that some day you will find that little piece that is missing to make you totally complete.

I love you my dear sister! I am so thankful we met.

blueladie said...

Yes, Kelly. I believe. I believe that God has all in his hands. I believe in the power of prayer. You might try a book called "When Bad Things Happen to Good People" It's interesting. I could never get through the whole thing, but it has some good points. :) You are loved. :) Cathryn

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Someone recommended this book and I thought you might want to check it out.

Heck, I might check it out too….
I Wasn't Ready to Say Goodbye: Surviving, Coping and Healing After the Sudden Death of a Loved One [Paperback] Pamela D. Blair Ph.D.

Love you!!!!