Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Thoughts

Here it is, almost 4 pm in Wisconsin and my mind is wandering. So the following are things that are floating in my head and stressing me out (what else is new right??)

-waiting for primary doctor to call back and advise me what to do about Sam and school
-not knowing why Sam is getting migraines
-how far behind is he really?
-hoping the online mortgage payment goes through tonight
-wondering why DH doesn't want to go to the pediatric neurologist appointment with me
-wondering if I'm homeschooling Nathan properly, I feel that I am, but again it's early in the year
-when is bedtime for me?
-why is the Advil I took for the stress headache not working?
-is Sam ever going to get better?
-is the dishwasher ever going to get emptied?
-am I ever going to catch up on laundry?
-why am I not more organized?
-where is "me" time or is that an impossible dream?
- crap, I forgot about dinner. Take out pizza it is
-Nichole is mad at me because Sam took sick days this week.
-does DH even care about my concerns anymore?

I need a vacation or some answers pretty damn quick. I cannot take this much longer, I'm going to burst.



GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Prayers for you my dear.
I am so on your wave length having tons of random thoughts.

blueladie said...

Oh Kelly, Big Hugs! My heart is breaking for you. Love & Prayers, Cathryn

chrisstitches said...

As a mom of a child who had surgery at young age, I feel for you as neurological problems can develop. Please try not to worry....we're moms, I know. Kids pick up on feelings. You feel stress...I totally understand. Homeschooling must be a challenge. You are doing your best.
chris b. (osc) group

Cythia Harris ~ said...

(((cyber hugs))) for you! Hope things are a little more positive lately. Don't worry we all have these same feelings hun.