Friday, October 24, 2008

Life in general...............

Well, it's that time of year again when the sun goes down earlier and earlier everyday and I seem to get more and more depressed. I suppose I could invest in one of those "sunshine/natural daylight" lamps but those are SO expensive it's not funny. I could pay down a credit card with the money I would spend on one of those, so that's out.

I'm also bummed out because my middle child, Nathan is getting teased/bullied again. We had conferences last night with his teacher and academically he's great, getting A's and B's. But then I brought up the teasing/bulling to his teacher and his teacher was surprised that it was going on, especially in his classroom. But we reassured Nathan that this will stop and if it continues we can move his classes around but that is a last resort. First, Nathan is going to have a good long talk with the school counselor and hopefully this will get resolved. It hurts knowing that there is NOTHING I can do to help him and having his sister telling him to "suck it up" isn't helping either.

I want my son to be happy again. I don't like seeing him bummed out when it's time to go to school. School should be a safe place and I know (from personal experience) that teasing isn't a pleasant thing to go through and I can sympathize with Nathan. I just want it to stop. There is nothing physically wrong with him (except he wears glasses, BIG DEAL), he's just this bright, intelligent boy who happens to get the short end of the stick sometimes. He has no real friends to speak of. He's shy and once you get to know him, he's very outgoing. But it's getting to that point that is difficult. If you're a parent, you don't like to see your child hurting and he's hurting and I can't fix it. I should be able to, but I can't. Hopefully the school can fix this. Life is just not fair.

I know this is a downer post but this is bugging the hell out of me and need to "talk" to someone. I do have good news to share but I'll wait until I calm down a bit before I share it with you.



Meari said...

Hopefully, things will get worked out with your DS. As a kid who was teased, no it's not fun, but we just have to get past it. One of those not-so-fun parts of life.

Sandy said...

Hi Kelly my 3rd son still gets teased about his glasses and he is almost 18. I thought kids would grow out of it by now. He was at a party last week and a guy he didn't know told my son he was a nerd, looking like someone from the IT department. He took his comment back once my DS started playing his guitar and providing the entertainment at the party, but he should never have made the comment in teh first place.
The hardest thing for your son is for him to not react, if the bullies see they get a response they will target him for a long time. So while your daughter may sound mean saying suck it up she is probably exactly right. Now the teacher is aware of what is going on I hope things improve.

Shebafudge said...

Hi Kelly

I'm so sorry that your DS is having a hard time of it at school. I was bullied so I know what it is like. I'm not sure what age your son is but when mine was beginning to be bullied, I had the lad round for tea a couple of times. This seems to have nipped it in the bud but my Luke is only 7 (6 at the time) so maybe works more easily?

I hope you feel a bit better soon too. I find winter depressing at the best of times. It can be hard to stay positive when there are other things to upset the apple cart too. (((((hugs)))))

Take care of yourself.
Sharon S x x

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I definitely know where you are coming from as a mother and also as a fellow picked on student.
Please know that I am here for you if you need to talk.

I hope something can be done soon.

Carolyn said...

Hope your son gets things all worked out and things are better for him in school. It's so hard to watch our children go through this type of thing and feel helpless. Will pray for him.