Thursday, September 4, 2008

September is here!

Well since Labor Day has come and gone without much fanfare. It's time for my regular schedule of kids back in school and husband on a 40 mile commute (one way) to work.

The first couple of days of school were good for my kids. Nichole loves being a Freshman and figured out how the school is laid out (which was a concern of hers over the last week of summer vacation.) and made a couple of new friends. Nathan (my middle one) said that he was making a bigger deal out of the start of school than it needed to be. And Sam likes his 3rd grade teacher and likes taking his bike to school (except the first day when he wanted me to walk with him to school.) And I even got homework from the teachers (thought my days of homework were LONG gone!!!! LOL) and like a good student, I did the homework and had the kids return the papers to school.

Today is a blah day. Grey, cold and raining. We are getting what's left of the hurricane and it's much needed here. Otherwise the house is mine for the next hour and 1/2 and I can do what I please. (mostly laundry, don't I live the glamorous life??)


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