Friday, May 2, 2008

Sick.. not fun.. :(

Well here we are May 2nd and I've come down with the dreaded skin infection. This is a 2 week ordeal for me as I get the pain, redness and general yuckiness. Never fear, I got myself on antibiotics and the pain is , for the most part, gone. But I still feel yucky. I haven't had one of these in about a year and totally forgot how miserable these stupid things make me feel.

So there isn't much to report lately except that my tulips are blooming and I'll (hopefully) take some pictures this weekend and let you all see them. We also planted blueberries, now if I actually get fruit this year that would be great, if not, then there's next year. But I'm thrilled to be doing something in the garden than shoveling snow. (The dreaded "S" word in my house.)

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Kim said...

Sorry you're down again. Keep your head up...almost through it! :)

When you do get blueberries please send some my way.