Saturday, August 11, 2007

My life is somewhat back to normal.

WELL, It's been a few days since I last blogged anything so I decided to catch you up on things.

My son Sam learned how to ride a 2 wheeler (see previous blog entry) and is happy that he can do this now. My husband went on interviews and got a job offer which he took. He started last week Wednesday and they like him so much that he gets to go back next week. My kids are back from Door County, Wisconsin. They had the opportunity to spend about 5 days with my sister in law and brother in law at their tree farm. They had a blast but I'm glad they are home. We registered the kids for the new school year and I never seen so much money go flying out of my checkbook before but they need the stuff and they NEED to go back to school!!

I'm still stitching on Lizzie Kate's Summer from A Banner Year series and hope to get this done soon so I can start something that my daughter wants for her room. It's small so there isn't an excuse why I can't get this done. I'll post a picture when I actually start it but the colors are beautiful.

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Kim said...

Okay girl...I didn't even know that you had a blog!

LOVE IT! Can't wait to read and look at more pictures from you.

I'll link to you too if you don't mind.

I'm also going to email you in a minute. :)