Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Going to the dentist..

Happy day after the 4th of July!!!

Have you gone to the dentist lately?  My kids have and even the hubs has but me??  Not so much.

I have this FREAKY FEAR of the dentist.  I'm not sure why but I do.  I also have to be pre-medicated BEFORE the appointment so that is also part of the reason.  Another part is that, as a kid, I had TONS of fillings put in my teeth, you know those silver kind?? Lovely huh? 

As a kid, I was put on SO much penicillin that it made my baby teeth discolored (in a HUGE way as well) and the dentist at the time, was worried that my permanent teeth would be damaged as well.  Much to their surprise and my parents, that wasn't the case.  The permanent teeth came in white and straight and such. I just have this one pesky wisdom tooth that sometimes comes up and then it goes back into the gum.  It's really stupid if you ask me. 

So today I'm going here and hopefully they will be gentle and nice to me.  N (daughter) had her teeth cleaned and checked over and had a good experience, so I made an appointment.  They even have a GAME ROOM!! Now what dentist's office do you know that has a game room?? 

Did I mention I hate going to the dentist??



Cindi said...

I hope your dentist appointment goes good and that the fear of the dentist goes away. That's great that your daughter's appointment went well and that she doesn't have a fear of the dentist. I wanted to pass along this Mom's Guide to caring for little kids teeth. It has great ideas on how to better care for kids teeth and even make it fun. I hope you enjoy it, from one mom to another! http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/

GoldenAngelsWorks said...

I hate going to the dentist too.

Anonymous said...

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