Friday, November 26, 2010

Almost human again............

Well well well. I know I went MIA and I'm sorry. But I've been incredibly sick since the 5th of November and just now feeling human again. I had a massive skin infection that required 2 full rounds of antibiotic, anti-nausea medication, 2 refills of Tylenol 3, a course of Predisone and a whole lot of water. Throw a trip to the Emergency Room in there and you've got my life up to now.

I've spent so much time in bed that I'm really sick of seeing it. The couch is looking more and more inviting these days. Who's been doing laundry you ask? Well, Nichole has when I instruct her which load needs to be done and remind her that they need to go into the dryer before they smell. Lovely mental picture huh? Otherwise, nothing and I mean nothing has been getting done around here. I just don't get it. There are capable people in this house who could empty and refill dishwasher, fold towels, pair up socks, I could go on. BUT NO, no one seems to do this.

Oh and let's just forget about Thanksgiving. I was in a Benedryl-induced sleep for most of the day as I was itching something awful. I had just enough energy to run to the Chinese place the day before and get food. So we ate leftover Chinese food. Fine, don't care what we eat as long as we eat SOMETHING.

Darling, wonderful husband worked 13 hours on Wednesday, and is working overtime today. I have NO clue when I'll see him. I also think he has to work Saturday and Sunday. He's not sure yet and I'll find out when he comes home. He is my usual grocery shopper and I think I'll have to take over this week. I hate grocery shopping. It's the looks I get when people see my hands and then proceed to stare at me. It bothers my kids as well. I will never get used to people staring at my hands or arms. Never!!

I really want to start on the project that I signed up for on a email list for a BlackBird Stocking. This should have been done weeks ago, but I've been so sick that I couldn't see straight. I know my partner understands, but I don't want to disappoint her. I will get it done. I promise. Just bear with me.

I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and I'll post again soon. I hope. :)


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Oh you poor girl... you have gone through so much.... I know what you mean about the looks you get.... always get those when my son has his allergic reactions.... he looks like someone has punched him in the mouth, burned him from the bad hives and/or has pink eye. Make you feel like the worst mom in the world...

blueladie said...

Kelly, sending big hugs and love and prayers. I sure hope you kick this soon. :( Cathryn