Wednesday, June 16, 2010

old pictures...

While scanning some old pictures onto a SD card recently, I came across a couple of pictures I want to share with you all. The top picture is a picture of my grandfather holding his "great" one, my son, Sam when he was almost 2 months old. Sadly, my grandfather passed away about a week after this picture was taken and we think this is the last known picture of my grandfather alive. I'm so grateful that he got to see Sam and hold him (even if his health was failing)

The second picture is of my boys when they were 4 and 1, in our old house. My DH had Nathan climb the tree and I was outside with Sam and DH put Sam in the tree with Nathan and I got a bunch of cute pictures of them. But this is my favorite and I have NO clue what Sam is laughing at.

Thought I would share


GoldenAngelsWorks said...

Those are great pictures!

Dottie Paullin Kornafel said...

What a photo to cherish - and for you sons to cherish. I love the one of the boys in the tree. How great.

blueladie said...

They are GREAT pics! I LOVE the one of the boys. It just makes you smile to look at it. How precious must be the picture of your grandfather. :) Cathryn